Planning Strategy:

Analysis of company products

Market study based on the type of company products

Identification of the most interesting products for the market

Definition of prices for the markets and customers (Wholesale and Retail)

Check commercial budget available

Drafting of the plan to be implemented in the market based on theobjectives shared by the company.

Commercial Support: 

Search of Importers and Distributors in the various States

Identification, selection and training of new agents and / or agents of the distributors

Management and support of Importers and Distributors

Research of possible leads:



Large distribution chains

Other services:

Complete management of sending samples (logistic and documents)

Company registration at FDA

Registration of labels at the TTB

Marketing Support:

Public relations

Content Marketing (bring and keep customer active)

Digital Media (social, blog, web site content)

Traditional Media support (press office, press release, market visit, commercialtour and media)

Strategy (modeling, planning and building a successful brand)

Events Planning

Digital Design (provided by outsourced company)

Print Design (provided by outsourced company)

Identity (we work close to the wineries to make an unique design)

Marketing draft plan

Promotional Events and Tasting:

Work the market (road-trip) together with Importers and Distributors

Wine-dinners, wine-tasting organizations

Work-Shop organizations

Direct consumer tasting at the stores level

Events and Shows


Brand Ambassador Services:

Coordination, management and operational supervision of the activities

F&B coordination, management and supervision

Management and selection of guests and participants Supervision andmanagement of sending invitations and follow-up

Photographic documentation on events

Summary report after the event related to its execution, actions and activities.